Blanco Y Negro Yearmix 2016 by DPM (Official Video)

Blanco Y Negro Yearmix 2016 by DPM 
(Official Video)

Concept & Mix 
Sergi Elias & DJ Tedu

Samara Boot Mix Vol. 18 (2016)

Samara Boot Mix Vol. 18 (2016)

Megamixed by 
Vasja Pumpkin, DJ Berto 
Maglio Nordetti.
Special Guest: Звезды Дискотек.
Style: Italo-Disco, Disco, Synth-Pop, 
Hi-NRG, Pop.
Label: V2M / V2M TW-CD-21
Released: Dec 2016.
Total time: 2 ~ 02:10:34.

DJ Alejo - Ultimate 90s Megamix 4 (2016)

DJ Alejo - Ultimate Megamix 4 (2016)

DJ Alejo aka Alejo Mixer [CL]

Maglio Nordetti - Wave Mix Video (2016)

Wave Mix Video (2016)

DJ Mix [Megamix] by 
Maglio Nordetti

'Big Mix 2' Megamix (VIP Edition) (2016)

Mixed by 
Vinyl Z [RU]
Name of the megamix:
'Big Mix 2' Megamix (VIP Edition)
Style: Eurodance (90s)
Time: 16:22

Mix-Addict presents Unexpected Mix vol. 4 (The Happiest of the 90s) (2016)

Unexpected Mix vol. 4 
(The Happiest of the 90s) (2016)

Mixed by 
Mix-Addict [SK]
Released: Jun 2016
Style: Happy Hardcore, 
Hard Trance, Makina
Time: 76:32
Artwork: MF Design