Big Mix 5 - Special Edition (2013)

Big Mix 5 - Special Edition (2013)
Label:  V2M TW-CD-06
Country: Russia
Released: Jan 2013
Style: Eurodance, Euro House, Euro Trance, Euro Reggae

CD 1
1. Maquina Central (14:20)
(mixed by Maglio Nordetti)

Maxx - Get-A-Way (Naked Eye Mix)
Activate - Save Me (A-Team Mix)
Cool James & Black Teacher - Godfather
T.H. Express - Lonely Mind
Basic Element - Queen Of Love
General Base - I See You (Club Tech Version)
Masterboy - Different Dreams
Native Vision - Easy Life (Alternative Mix)
Camela - Lagrimas De Amor (Remix)
2 Unlimited - Escape In Music

2. TechnoDance Mix (33:06)
(mixed by Vanya Funckin)

2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This (Rap Version)
AB Logic - The Hitman
Ex-Plain - Check Out
Miky Mouse - Electro Party
DJ BoBo - Move Your Feet
Maxx - Move Your Body
DJ BoBo - Keep On Dancing (Classic Club Mix)
Nite Squad - Mr Dee Jay
Unkn?wn! - Can U Make Me Say, Yeah? (Bulgarian Mix)
Stanley Foort - Heaven Is Here
Da Blitz - Let Me Be
ClubZone - Hands Up (Euro Mix)
49ers - Keep Your Love (Naked Eye Mix)
Icy D. & Doc Daze - Get On Up & Dance
DJ Dero - Xta-Sys (Tuti's Animal Mix)
Double You - Run To Me
Les G.O. Cul-Ture - Darla Dirladada (Techno Dance Club Mix)
Tinman - Gudvibe
DJ BoBo - Music
Haddaway - Rock My Heart
Space Master - Step On (Step On Mix)
Corona - The Rhythm Of The Night (Red Light Remix)
JLM - Come Into My Life
Amadin - U Make Me Feel Alright
Maxx - Get-A-Way (Naked Eye Mix)
Black Box - Bright On Time (1994 Remix)
Heart Attack - Move Me Stranger
Indee - Come With Me (It's Alright) (Trime'n DELgado Club Mix)
Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music (DJ Pierre Mix)
Basic Element - Lights N Fire
Mr. President - M M
Dhama - Keep On Movin'

3. TechnoDance Mix (10:08)
(mixed by Emets)

Corona - The Rhythm Of The Night
Masterboy - Feel The Heat Of The Night
Solid Base - Together
Me & My - Dub·I·Dub
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Dreams
Dr. Alban - Look Who's Talking
2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance
Cappella - Move It Up
Le Click - Tonight Is The Night

4. Big Bot Mix (12:20)
(mixed by Vasja Pumpkin)

Whigfield - Gimme Gimme
Captain Jack - Touchdown
Doop - Doop (Jean Lejeux Et Son Orchestre)
Alexia Phillips - I Never Needed
Jocelyn Enriquez - Do You Miss Me
La Bouche - Sweet Dreams (Club Mix)
Red 5 - Fiesta Fiesta
Sash! - With My Own Eyes
666 - D.E.V.I.L.
Alice Deejay - Back In My Life
Gouryella - Gouryella
Safri Duo - Played-A-Live
United Dee Jays For Central America - Too Much Rain (A.T.B. Vs. Woody Van Eyden Mix)
Angelina - The Power Of Love (Mid May Night Mix)
Pharao - World Of Magic (Land Of Unity Mix)
Einstein Doctor DJ - Back From Galactika (Automatik Mix)
Klubbheads - Let The Party Begin

5. Euromegamix (Edit 2013) (09:31)
(mixed by Maglio Nordetti)

MC Sar & The Real McCoy - Another Night
DJ BoBo - Somebody Dance With Me
Culture Beat - Got To Get It
ICE MC - Take Away The Colour
Cappella - Move It Up
Fun Factory - Close To You
Quad City DJ'S - C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)
Whigfield - I Want To Love

CD 2 - Bonus Videomix
1. Euro Reggae Videomix (06:26)
(teamwork by Vinyl Z and VJ Sky)

Ace Of Base - Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry
DJ BoBo - Everybody
Real McCoy - Love Devotion (Summer Mix)
N-Trance - Stayin' Alive
Snap! - The Power
Loft - Summer Summer
Masterboy - Mister Feeling
Mr. President - Coco Jamboo

Artwork by Eduardo Rezende
Mixed by View2Mix DJs Team [RU]
and special guest mixer - Maglio Nordetti [CL]
VJ - VJ Sky
Producer - MK-60

© 2013 V2M Production

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