Samara Boot Mix Vol. 8 (2012)

Samara Boot Mix Vol. 8 (2012)
Mixed by Vasja Pumpkin, Bambina & Vasja Pumpkin
Label: V2M TW-CD-03

Mixed by Vasja Pumpkin
Bad Boys Blue - L.O.V.E. (In My Car)
Digital Ram - Do It
The Flirts - Helpless
Edelweiss - Bring Me Edelweiss (Tourist Version)
Humphrey Robertson - Don’t Stop Loving Me
Rofo - Beach Love
Car Man - Эй, Ухнем
Silent Circle - Touch In The Night
David Lyme - Playboy
Pet Shop Boys - Miserablism
Ken Laszlo - Dancing Together
Daydream - Baby (DJ Funny SD80-Mix)

Mixed by Bambina & Vasja Pumpkin
Biceps - Muneco De Ficcion
Bad Boys Blue - Kisses And Tears (My One And Only)
Atrium - Week-End
Ankie Bagger - Relax
Deborah Kinley - All For You
Sandra - We'll Be Together
Koto - Dragon's Legend
Arabesque - Time To Say Good Bye
Vanessa - Be My Lady
Moses - Our Revolution
Kylie Minogue - Step Back In Time
G & M - Don't Let You Down
Joe Yellow - Wild Boy
Bad Boys Blue - Hungry For Love
Den Harrow - Dangerous
Brian Ice - Tokyo
Кар-мэн - Чао, бамбино
Dr.ALBAN -It's My Life
Кар-мэн - Мамайя Канибалз
Divine - Shoot Your Shot
Кар-мэн - Танцы в лазерном дыму
Falco - Vienna calling
Scotch - Plus Plus

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