Altmix Volume 6 - Journey Into Altmix (2010)

Altmix Volume 6 - Journey Into Altmix (2010)
Label: Unknown Russian Source Records 
Mixed by Igor Altman 

18:00 Part 1 ''Journey Into Altmix (H2O Edition)''
01.Sampletronic ''A Journey Into Altmix''
02.FPI Project ''Risky Is Piano''
03.Honesty 69 ''Rich In Paradise''
04.V.I.M. ''Maggie's Last Party''
05.Technotropic ''Rapido''
06.The 2 German Latinos ''Gigolo Gigolette''
07.Hithouse ''I Don't Know''
08.Nikki ''Mucho Macho''
09.Mickey Oliver ''In-Ten-Si-T''
10.The Mackenzie ''Party People''
11.King Bee ''Feel The Flow''
12.2 Guys On Acid ''House Music (All Night Long)''
13.Flip ''Energie''
14.Mista E ''Don't Believe The Hype''
15.Funkacidic ''S.O.L.T.''
16.Highstreet ''Revolution''
17.Acid-O-Mingo ''Silver Machine''
18.Sampletronic ''A Journey Into Altmix''

18:00 Part 2 ''Fantom Code (A3 Red Ghost) Megamix'' 
01.Rififi ''Dr. Acid And Mr. House''
02.KC Flightt ''Dancin' Machine''
03.Code Secret ''Fantom' House''
04.Cut To Shock ''Put That Record Back On''
05.Cappella ''Push The Beat''
06.2 U Hi! ''Go 'Head''
07.Rickster ''Night Moves''
08.Locka Loca ''Coco Love''
09.Fun 4 Fun ''Relax Your Soul''
10.Sound Factory ''Cuban Gigolo''
11.Aril ''Jurassic Dance'' (s)
12.Mario Reyes ''Lost Love''
13.Pedro Ramon ''Te Quiero''
14.Code 61 ''Stand By''
15.T.C. ''Steppin Stone''
16.Okay ''Okay''
17.Clicking The Mouse ''I Must Be Dreaming''
18.Fact Of Spirit ''Ghost In My House''

36:00 Part 3 ''M.V.3.3. Decoder Beat Mix'' 
01.Code 61 ''Ambassador''
02.I Start Counting ''Modern Sunbathing''
03.El Mori ''Vetettem Violat''
04.Amnesia ''A.D.N.''
05.Explorers Of The Nile ''We Are All Egyptians''
06.Jack LeHit And The Sample Minds ''Haunted House Of Soul''
07.Shakti ''Rainbows''
08.Jade 4U ''Rainbows''
09.Ugly Mood ''Tuning Off''
10.Iconoclass ''Tenebra''
11.Shango ''U Don't Have To Be A Star''
12.Freak Brothers ''Freak To The Beat''
13.Richard Strange & The Engine Room ''Damascus''
14.Dobel You ''Mammy''
15.Dirty Harry ''I've Never Done It''
16.Jade 4U ''That Boy''
17.La Rolls ''Sure Is''
18.Etnika ''Ondarabia''

07:01 Sampletronic ''A Journey Into Altmix (Six Years In One Mix)''


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