Altmix Volume 3 ''Oldskool Red'' (2008)

Altmix Volume 3 ''Oldskool Red'' (2008)
All Parts Compiled & Mixed by Igor Altman
2007/08 CD Unknown Russian Source Records
Total Time:  01:18:51

Part 1 "One Euro For One House (07 To 08 X-Mas 33,3 Megamix)" 
- The Beat Pirate "A Guy Called Bat (Robin's Mix)"
- The Latin Rage "Sueno Latino (Remix Version)"
- Clio & Kay "Street Groove"
- Betty Boo "Doin' The Do"
- MOD 222 "Time Has No Time"
- Fun 4 Fun "Relax Your Soul (7'' Edit)"
- Honesty 69 "Rich In Paradise (Adam & Eve Edit)"
- Betty Boo "Where Are You Baby?"
- Chinook & T-Money "Be Proud - Be Red (Wild Tee Pee Remix)"
- B.B.Jerome & The Bang Gang "Shock Rock (Maxi Version)"
- The Todd Terry Project "Weekend"
- Clubland "Pump The Sound"
- Jam Tronik "Another Day In Paradise"
- Lewis Lovebump "Mallorca"
- Turntable Orchestra "You're Gonna Miss Me (Mangous Ye Mix)"
- MC B & Daisy Dee "Crazy"
- L'Trimm "Push It (Grab It)"
- B-Factory "Nations"
- Krush "House Arrest"
- T.C. "Steppin Stone"
- Black Kiss & Cherita "Jump On The Floor (Homework Mix)"
- Hi Tek 3 & Ya Kid K "Spin That Wheel (Swing That Beat Mix)"

Part 2 "Chicago Streets (US Classic House Megamix)"
- Doug Lazy "Let It Roll"
- Rocky Jones "Choice Of A New Generation"
- Masters At Work "Dum Dum Cry"
- Simon Harris "Here Comes That Sound (Demolition Album Mix)"
- Joe Smooth "Smack Dab"
- Monie Love "Grandpa's Party (Love II Love Remix)"
- Out Of Control "Get Down"
- Jamie Principle "Cold World"
- Marshall Jefferson "Move Your Body"
- Phuture "We Are Phuture"
- James 'Jack Rabbit' Martin "Only Want To Be"
- Steve 'Silk' Hurley "Work It Out"
- Holly Jump "You Can't Hide"
- Risse "House Train"
- Kenny 'Jammin' Jason And 'Fast' Eddie Smith "Can U Dance"
- Ralphi Rosario "You Used To Hold Me (Kenny's Mix)"
- Tyree "Housemusic Is My Life (The Tyree Club Mix)"
- Queen Latifah "Come Into My House ('Fast' Eddie Smith Mix)"
- Denise Motto "Doing It Properly Is XTC (Scooby Swift Scratch Mix)"
- Joe Smooth Inc. & Anthony Thomas "Promised Land"
- Risse "Love Baby"
- Jamie Principle "Drive Me"
- Risque III "Essence Of A Dream (Club Mix)"
- Joe Smooth "I Need Love"
- Julian 'Jumpin' Perez "Stad By Me"
- Simon Harris & Levi Newman "Feel"
- Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk "You Ain't Really Acieed (Acieed Mix)"
- 'Fast' Eddie Smith & Sundance "Git On Up"

Part 3 "Acid Music (We Are The Creators Of) Megamix"
- Rififi "Acid Gaga"
- Sheik Fawaz "Mohammed's House"
- M.A.R.R.S. "Pump Up The Volume"
- TNT Clan "Blow Up The DJ"
- 2 U Hi! "Go 'Head (The Stroboscope Mix)"
- L.A.Mix "Check This Out (Firece Vocal)"
- Hithouse "Move Your Feet To The Rhythm Of The Beat"
- Okay "Okay Mix"
- Chris Paul "Back In My Arms (House Mix)"
- Robot D.J.'s "Remote Control"
- MOD n.4 "Judicta (Acid House Version)"
- Jolly Roger "Acid Man (Original Mix)"
- Perfectly Ordinary People "Theme From P.O.P."
- Hithouse "Everybody (Got To Get Some)"
- Rififi "Dr.Acid And Mr.House (Pleasure And Pain Mix)"
- KC Flightt "Dancin' Machine (Acid House Remix)"
- Charm "Predator (Scare)"
- Boy George "No Clause 28 (Emilio Pasquez Space Face Full Remix)"
- Hithouse "I Like Hithouse (The Hithouse Theme)"
- Walk The Beat "Boy I Want Ya Back (Feel Di Acciiid Danze Mix)"
- Sound Factory "Cuban Gigolo"
- Swan Lake "The Dream (54 Dub Mix)"
- Mario Reyes "Lost Love (I Want You Back) (European Mix)"
- Rickster "Night Moves (House Of The Trix Mix)"
- Humanoid "Slam"
- Jack E Makossa "Opera House (Acid Fingers Strikes Again Mix)"
- Rusty "Rusty Acid (Extended Version)"

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