Altmix Volume 1 ''Oldskool Orange'' (2004)

Altmix Volume 1 ''Oldskool Orange'' (2004)
All Parts Compiled & Mixed by Igor Altman
2004 CD Unknown Russian Source Records
Total Time: 01:20:50

Part 1 "Jack Your Body - Keep The Frequency Clear Mix"

- Adonis "No Way Back"
- Confetti's "C Sample Mix"
- Hithouse "Jack To The Sound Of The Underground"
- Silicon Dream "Wunderbar"
- Exclusive System "Get On Down"
- Bass Bumpers "Get The Big Bass"
- Bit-Max "Dig It"
- Chestnut "Pot Of Gold"
- Jinny "I Need Your Love"
- Mega "You Got A Bausparvertrag"
- Bomb The Bass "Beat Dis"
- FPI Project "Risky"
- Tricky Disco "Disco 130"
- Katherine E "I'm Allright"
- Okay "Okay"
- SL2 "dj's Take Control"
- T99 "Anasthasia"
- Cubic 22 "Night In Motion"
- Bizarre Inc "Playing With Knives"
- Timerider featuring Double Feet "Push Me"
- The Beat Pirate "Pirate Dub"
- Mr Matey "Acid Party"
- Friends Of Mr Cairo "The Caravan"
- Bomb The Bass "Megablast"

Part 2 "Erotic - Latino House Mix"
- Les Femmes Erotiques "Je T'aime Moi Non Plus"
- Rubix "Desiderio Latino"
- FPI Project "Going Back To My Roots"
- L'il Louis "French Kiss"
- Sueno Latino "Sueno Latino"
- Isamar Compania "Amor Suave"
- The Latin Rage "Esta Loca"
- Raimunda Navarro "No Lo Hago Per Dinero"
- L'il Louis "French Kiss"

Part 3 "Piano House - Hip House Grandmasters Mix"
- Katherine E "I'm Allright"
- Chicco Secci Project "Whip Of The Rythm"
- Hithouse "The Deep Piano House"
- Tyree "Turn Up The Bass"
- Kraze "The Party"
- 49Ers "Touch Me"
- Culture Beat "No Deeper Meaning"
- Cartouche "Feel The Groove"
- Two In A Box "Wiggle It"
- Cappella "Get Out Of My Case"
- 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor "Can't Help Myself"
- Black Box "Strike It Up"

Part 4 "True Acid Techno Creators Will Back Mix"
- Atahualpa "Ultimo Imperio"
- LFO "We Are Back"
- Recall IV "Aesthetic"
- Rififi "Dr. Acid And Mr. House"
- Trust In 6 "Life In Ecstacy"
- Humanoid "Stakker Humanoid"
- LDC "Die Schwarzen Zone"
- Numphomania "I Want Your Body
- Tony Di Bart "The Real Things"

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